‘Still waiting for God to send the perfect mate?’

How long, Oh Lord?

As a younger person in my early twenties I was already pontificating what it would be like to have a life long mate. However, there is nothing more ominous as to sit out among other eligible and available female parishioners and have the minister of the day look you in the eye, (at least that’s the way it seemed) shake his gnarled finger in the air and bark, “Men if you are looking for a good wife; women if you’re looking for a good husband, Wait on the Lord.”

This piece of spiritual advice is indisputable, I mean what so called christian would make such a monumental decision without getting the lords approval first, right? though I believe this advice is sound, the problem back then was those well meaning ministers were good at telling what you shouldn’t do but they seldom elaborated on what you could do when it came to finding a mate.

The bottom line is, though the venue as a christian may need to change, the hunt – christian or not –  is the same. you still need to socialize, vigorously and be charming or at best interesting. the ‘Wait on the Lord’ advice I believe is about accepting the guidance you are offered. Guidance that comes from the word and just plain moral standards, also when someone catches your attention its about not ignoring the obvious, the imperfections we all have and asking yourself ‘if this person never changes am I willing to accept his or her quarks.Remember,  God no more wants the blame for a relationship that goes nuclear than the individuals involved.

Christian dilemma: What do you believe ‘Wait on the Lord’ entails?

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